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Dog Waste Station Bag Dispenser Outdoor Pet Waste Station

Our Poopy Bag Dispenser Includes: Litter Dispenser ( doggie waste bag dispenser ) 400 rolls and 200 pull doggy poo bags mounting tools, everything included. This dog waste bag and dispenser perfectly fits both commercial and residential use.
Two Bag Dispenser: Our pet waste station box offers two bag options, use it for both roll and pull bags, for easy pickup, and store more dog trash bags at once. The dog bags dispenser mount allows easy, one-handed tear-off & a quick garbage spot.
New Improved Design: The dog poop station dispenser offers more for less, a unique heavy-duty model, and biodegradable bags of the best quality. Made of powder-coated galvanized steel will not rust or fade unlike steel station dog dispensers, glow in the dark, and will have years of use!
Use Anywhere – Fits Everywhere!: The wall-mounted dog bag dispenser perfectly fits such as parks, home backyards, neighborhoods, vet clinics indoors, pet grooming salons, apartments, dogs-friendly hotels and resorts, HOA, outdoor rv parks, campgrounds, etc.
Our poop bag dispenser wall mount is also called a dog waste bag station, small pet station, dog station, dog poop cleaning station, poop dog dispenser, dog bag dispenser station, fido house, pet waste container outdoor, container store trash bags, dog park bag dispenser, genie litter disposal, holder dog, pet waste dispenser receptacle, dog park sweethearts, dog park equipment outdoor, dog waste composter, dog park trash can, poop bag dispenser, dog waste storage, dog poop sign with bags, dog waste station, bags for dogs poop, pet waste bag dispenser, dog waste station bags, dog bag dispenser mount, dog bag wall, etc…

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