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Biodegradable Trash Bags 120PCS Small Garbage Bag for Bin Compostable Bags for Food/Household/Kitchen

♻【Tough Garbage Bag】 This Trash bag is translucent green. It is looks thin, but is actually very tough. Adopt exclusive technology to effectively prevent puncture. It does not pierce sharp objects such as pineapple and durian. The octagonal constant temperature back cover, super load-bearing and prevent liquid leakage. No odor will flow out when the tie is sealed. Breakpoint design for easy access.
♻【Biodegradable & affordable 100bags】 We are a professional factory direct sales, large quantity and high quality, not more expensive than traditional plastic bags that pollute the environment. Our materials have passed the EN-13432 certification and carry the European standard seedling mark. Between Biodegradable Trash bags and plastic bags, you should choose biodegradable Trash bags to protect the earth.
♻【Biodegradable Trash bag】 Trash bag are carefully crafted from biodegradable materials (PSM). The main ingredient of Trash bag is starch extracted from corn, which is made with advanced technologies such as exclusive formula and constant temperature sealing. They are non-toxic, harmless, and tasteless. The most important thing is that our Trash bag can be degraded naturally in the natural environment (need sunlight, air and water), compostable, and 100% environmentally friendly.
♻【1.2 Gallon Trash bags:Small design】 1.2 Gallon trash bag, with a capacity of 1.2 Gallon/5L, a height of 35CM, and a perimeter of the bag opening 60CM. A small design, very suitable for small garbage cans on the dining table(Countertop Bin), in cars, and outings (park picnics, beach games) Etc. when using or loading other items. It is also suitable for sorting garbage in other small trash cans, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, office, etc.but also for Pet applications.

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