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Bamboo Dog Poop Pickup Bags Holder Dispenser with Carabiner with Safety Lock Plus Hook and Loop Fastener Never Loose on Leash Lead Again

Convenient: The dispenser with oversized oval-shaped exit makes it easy to access bags. It’s worth mentioning that the dispenser has a fixed rotating shaft inside, which makes the process of extracting your bags smoother!
Portable: The dispenser is 3.15x 2.17 inch and the poop waste bag is 9x 13 inch, lightweight and portable, you can hang the dispenser anywhere like backpack, leash collar, traction rope, and so on.
Versatile: The poop bag is sturdy and leak-proof, which can be used not only for dog poop, but other pet waste as well. You can also use it as a garbage bag when you are walking, shopping, camping, hiking or traveling!
Accessories: The metal clip allows you to hang the dispenser easily, and the material is sturdy for long-term use. The hook and fastener that can be twisted any way you like, because it’s soft and easier to fold and clasp the dispenser to keep it hanging steadily.

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