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Cat Litter Bags for Poop with Handles

[POOP BAGS WITH HANDLES]: Our compostable dog poop bags make tying up and transporting used waste bags for disposal less of a hassle. You can easily take out the tie handle bags from the dispenser and tie them up easily after cleaning up the cat litter box. Keep your hands clean and hygienic with these sturdy cat litter bags for poop that have easy-tie handles. (Tip: Please dispose of the bags after use, as they will begin to break down days after contact with microorganisms in cat waste. )
[EXTRA STRONG & DURABLE]: Leak-proof cat poop bags are made of high-quality material, thicker than ordinary cat bags, which can prevent leakage, puncture, penetration, and tearing, with no worry about messing up during use. You don’t have to worry about them ripping during dog or cat poop clean-up. Our litter bags for cat poop are super durable to prevent leaks and lock in every kind of icky poo smell.
[EASY CLEANING]: : The cat litter disposal bags are a pull-out design, each litter bag is dispensed (not on rolls), and easy to extract with one hand. The cat litter liner bag has a wide opening so it fits various sizes of cat scoops. Simply scoop your cat or pet poop from a litter box into cat litter bags, or put diapers or any smelly substance in litter bags for cat poop, then, tie the handles tightly and dispose of them in the trash. So you can keep your hands clean and safe.
[NO MESS]: Our extra wide and long-size kitty litter bags measure 9.25 x16.5 inches closed and 13×16.5 inches when gussets are expanded, making them perfect for picking up large dog poo, cleaning litter from at least 3 cats, it’s a safer and more hygienic way of dealing with pet droppings, cat litter, or any foul-smelling substance that seals off any odor (NOT JUST PET WASTE).

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