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Scented Dog Poop Bags Biodegradable Waste Bags for Dogs with Dispenser and Leash Clip

  • Eco-conscious and Efficient Poop Bags: PETSWORLD dog poop bags are the future of waste disposal. Our dog waste bags break down in just 90 days, keeping parks and landfills plastic-free. Our doggy poop bags contribute to a cleaner environment, making them perfect for environmentally conscious pet owners.
  • Extra Thick, Durable, and Leak Proof: These poop bags for dogs are made from strong EPI plastic that won’t break or tear. These thick and leak-proof bags ensure hygienic waste disposal. The sturdy construction of our dog poop bag rolls makes handling pet waste easy and worry-free, keeping the content and odors within.
  • Easy to Use and Hassle-free Pickup: Measuring 9 x 12 inches, each dog poop bag is marked at perforation for easy separation, simplifying the process of picking up. No more fumbling or searching for the next bag. Whether you need cat poop bags or waste bags for dogs with dispensers, these bags cater to all your needs.
  • Scented Bags for Indoor & Outdoor Use: Our biodegradable poop bags are available in Lavender, Cucumber, and Brazilian scents to make waste disposal a more pleasant task for pet owners. These scented poop bags for traveling are perfect for indoor use, such as cleaning kitty litter boxes and outdoor walks with your furry friend.
  • Comes with Leash Clip and Dispenser: For added convenience, each pack of doggie poop bags includes a leash clip and bag dispenser. You can effortlessly carry and access the bags during walks or trips, making cleanup a breeze. These dog waste bags with dispensers make it easy to take care of your furry friend on the go.

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