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Dog Bags for Poop scented Refill Rolls

  • As super thick dog poop bags are able to withstand a heavy load of dogs waste without any ripping. Our poop bags are leak-proof and Durable dog poop bags where you don’t have to worry about your fingers poking/ripping through the dog bag while picking up poop on grass to keep your hands clean with no mess keep a dog bags for poop come in the home and go with confidence to stop the Pet waste mess .
  • The doggie poop bags are of a good size with 13 x 9in, 18rolls and 270 bags, The doggy poop bags easily pick up 80 and 130 lbs dog poop. The dog waste bags sturdiness enough and have never leaked even when you to carry pet poop a distance, and safely store messy feces and deposits for all types of breeds. The dog bags Big enough to fit big hands and leaves more room to tie the Pet waste bags off afterwards for a quick tie.

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