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Retractable Waste Bag Dispenser, Lightweight Poop Bag Holder, Stretchy Strap Fits Any Dog Leash, Dog Walking Accessory

  • YOUR BAGS NEAT & TIDY: Use the unique retractable dial to roll extra bags back into the dispenser. No more trying to stuff the bags back into the dispenser! The long stretchy elastic strap makes it easy to secure the dispense to any size leash, purse, or camping gear.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & SMALL: Only 70 gram and 3 inch long, it’s easy to strap the dispenser to your leash, backpack, purse, baby stroller, suitcase, or the headrest in your car. Carry the dispenser with you when hiking, camping, or travelling, so the waste bags are always within easy reach.
  • EXTRA STURDY MATERIAL: The extra sturdy material means this waste bag dispenser won’t shatter if you drop it and won’t crack if you leave it in the sun or in the cold.

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