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Thicker and Leak-Proof Dog Poop Bags

  • 【Thicker so stronger and leak-proof】 The thickness of one side is 0.18mm, usually 0.13-0.15mm in the market Durable, no longer need to worry about excreting feces with bare hands due to tearing
  • 【More friendly to the global environment】 Material: environmentally friendly/degradable/compostable/plastic-free, corn starch biodegradable compostable garbage bag material Degradation cycle: About 90 days after discarding Biodegradation Shelf life: 1 year under normal temperature conditions
  • 【Poop bags come with their own scent】 Pet poop bags with their own scent are suitable for all types of dogs Can also be used to clean cat litter, food residue, etc.
  • 【Easier to tear off pet poop bags】 There are easy-tear breaking points between the pet poop bags, making it convenient and stress-free to take out the poop bags.

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