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Dog Poop Bag Dispenser with Strawberry Scented Bags, Leak Proof

  • The poop bags use the fragrance of strawberry. The smell of strawberries is very comforting and pleasant. It can effectively reduce the unpleasant smell of dog
  • 2-3D strawberry leaf is designed on the top of the dispenser using a frosted process and disassemblable as desired. 3-Choosing the red color of strawberry as the main color. The pattern of strawberry is designed on the bag.
  • Earth-friendly in the materials bags are made from. The inner paper roll cores are made of recyclable materials. You can use it with confidence.
  • 4-The poop bag holder can be used while walking the dog. Bag dispensers can be attached to dog backpacks, leashes, and dog collars. The clip design is very convenient to connect and carry. The poop bag can also be used when scooping up cat waste in the litter box.

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