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100% Plant Based, Corn Starch, Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

  • Thicker construction for strength meaning no breaks or leaks: 120 plant-based pet poo bags are included in each order. A total of 8 rolls each including 15 dog bags and a 100% leak-proof guarantee to make sure you do not get dirty. Recycled materials in our packaging and roll cores ensuring that our poopie bags are healthy earth rated dog poop bags.
  • Enjoy the experience of walking your dog stress-free: Poop doesn’t smell like a garden filled with hydrangeas: Our odor blocking bags lock in the stink for good. Simple to open and tie securely so you can enjoy the experience of walking your dog outdoor. No need rush to the nearest composting area or disposal container!
  • Easy to open without static cling: A roll of our bags fits comfortably in your pocket or if you like you can it fits into a dog poop bag dispenser. Quick and easy access lets our bags do the heavy lifting while you enjoy time with your pet on a walk in your front yard or backyard. These poop bags for dogs are absolutely puppy essentials.

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